That’s right, humans are social animals and when we see someone else doing something…we occasionally want to join in.  When we’re trying to stay fit and healthy (or get started down that path), it’s usually a lot easier when others are there to help us stay motivated.  That’s why we started the BodyWorks Walk/Run Club!

Regardless of whether you walk or run or do some combination of…we help people divide into groups and give some guidance for workouts.  We try to accommodate everyone for their walking/running goals and you get to meet some great people while you’re at it!

This is a free event to come to and we meet Thursdays at the office from 6-7pm through the season (as long as the weather is cooperating, we’ll plan to go into September).  We’ll occasionally meet at close by parks to get a change of scenery or other types of workouts in.

We’ve also set up a meetup on – you can be reminded of upcoming events, changes in venue, or if there are any cancellations.  The site is free to become a member and free to join our meetup.

If you have any questions, please reach out at 248.688.9260 or

Hope to see you there!