It feels like we’re just zipping right through January, and February is right around the corner! In the last newsletter I sent out, I mentioned some talk about those pesky New Year’s resolutions and goals and making some very doable ones that can actually be accomplished. In January, we tend to stay pumped up and enthusiastic about those goals, but by February, sometimes that enthusiasm can wane a bit. If you find that things are too hard to maintain, tweak whatever goals you’ve set. Most New Year’s resolutions are not these hard and fast things – it is okay to tweak them. Maybe a few weeks in, we finally realize increasing our deadlift by 200 pounds in 2 weeks isn’t quite realistic…so pick a number that is more appropriate based on what you’ve done so far. That can go for anything, by the way, not just deadlifts! Tried to lose 50 pounds in two months? Maybe 10 is better. Tried to do 250 squats a day? Maybe 100… You get the idea.

So, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you want to pamper a loved one or yourself…we’re running a massage special starting January 27! From January 27 through February 14, you can purchase a massage for yourself, a loved one, for you and a loved one, at a great price!

 2 60-minute massages for $100 OR

2 90-minute massages for $160

You can call in to the office to take advantage of this, stop in during business hours, or just purchase at your next appointment. The massages need to be purchased during the Jan 27-Feb 14 window, not necessarily booked or completed in that time.

If you haven’t met Jonathan yet or experienced a massage with him, please do! He’s getting rave reviews!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Dr. Q and Team BodyWorks