Meet Jamie!

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I have used chiropractors my entire adult life.  It was kind of hit and miss over the years, as I moved to new places and found new chiropractors.  Some were better than others and it made me feel better, but I never recommended one.  That changed in 2013 when I visited Dr. Q for the first time.  I went in [...]

BodyWorks Covid Update

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BodyWorks Covid Update I know we're all more than a little covid fatigued at this point - even our favorite TV shows have some covid central theme to it. The news is filled with covid updates and case numbers and testing get the idea. And unfortunately, this email also talks about covid! Apologies, but it's gotta be done. Before [...]

Want Us to Come to Your Business/Group? 

We are more than happy to come to your office, gym, scrapbooking group, bootcamp, yoga studio…you get the idea!…for a demonstration of how our office can help you and your business or group.  We can arrange a day and time and one of our chiropractors and/or massage therapist can come to you to explain what we do and how we can get your group feeling and moving better.  For more information, please reach out to our practice manager, Ericca, at

Health Update

Information about health, exercise, and nutrition can be found everywhere these days. Quick access to information is both a really cool thing and it can also be overwhelming at times. Have knee pain? Well, you can read about a million websites talking about knee pain – what causes it, how to make it better, who to see, what exercises to do, what vitamin will help, when to get surgery, etc – and leave with about a million different things and no real answers or the complete wrong answer.

So, I’m going to throw out a short list of some really good reading. The following are books that I’ve read (a couple are ones that have come highly recommended) and have found some really valuable information while reading them.

-Pressing Reset: Original Strength Reloaded by Tim Anderson

– The Becoming Bulletproof Project: Discovering the Hero Within by Tim Anderson

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by Dr. John Ratey

-Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

-Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

-Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health by Gary Taubes

-Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep us Safe by Maria Rodale

-In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan

-Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?: Fitness Myths, Training Truths, and Other Surprising Discoveries from the Science of Exercise by Alex Hutchinson


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First, I want to say Thank You to all those that have supported BodyWorks over the years - we won [...]