The Original Strength System is a movement system that meets every body exactly where it’s at. The OS System makes use of the developmental movement patterns that are wired into each of us. And most of these patterns are probably familiar to you. These patterns are what you did when you were new to this world to help you get up on your two little feet to explore the world.

In OS we call these movements the Big 5: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Head Control, Rolling, Rocking, and Crawling (or some form of contralateral movement). When we do these movements we call it Pressing RESET. Because these movements can be thought of as a reset button to your nervous system. A reset button to restore you.

There are 3 Pillars that make a movement a reset in the OS System. These pillars are: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Activating the Vestibular System, and Contralateral or Midline Crossing Movement. All 3 Pillars need to be present to make a movement a reset.

The OS System is both a powerful and simple way to reconnect to the you that you were born to be. And that you is meant to be strong and resilient all the days of your life.

To begin Pressing RESET all you need to do is start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. Yes, it’s meant for every body. OS has been used by people of all ages and abilities to reclaim more of their potential.

If you want to feel better + move better then please join Dr. Q and myself in some virtual Pressing RESET sessions. Dates and times will be announced by Dr. Q.

For more information on Original Strength and what it can do for you, just ask Dr. Q, or contact me at You can also visit the OS website at for more information, videos, blogs, and more.

Looking forward to Pressing RESET with you soon!!

Sarah Young, MS
Original Strength Instructor