First, I want to say Thank You to all those that have supported BodyWorks over the years – we won the Daily Tribune’s Best of the Best Chiropractor…again! We would not be the ‘Best of’ anything without you. We’ve won 6 times since I first opened in August 2011, so that’s pretty awesome. My goal is for us to keep being the ‘Best of’ for you and your friends and family!

Secondly, we’ve had some hot days out there, so this is an important health reminder to drink more water. For those of you that I ‘gently remind’ to drink more water on a regular basis, I’m going to ‘gently remind’ you some more…please drink more water. Water is an essential part of our body – we can only live a relatively short number of hours without water. I know I’ve had a bad water intake day if I get a headache that is focused on the top of my head. If you get those kinds of headaches, check your water intake as that could be a sign of mild dehydration for some.

Some of us don’t like the taste of water or find it tedious to go to the bathroom 20 times a day, but your kidneys will thank you. Maybe your bladder won’t, but hey…we can’t make everybody happy!

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of water in is to carry around a reusable water bottle with you. Save the planet a little, save the environment, and improve your health at the same time buy buying a BPA free water bottle. You can also check out aluminum water bottles as well. Several different styles are on Amazon. We have the Blender Bottle brand (which can double as a protein shaker) and the Kleen Canteen for our water bottles. I’ve also recommended the iSpring reverse osmosis home water filtration system. Cheap and easy to install, and will instantly save you tons of money on buying the cases of water.

Remember, we’re about 60% water, so it’s vital to make plain water the primary source of your liquid consumption.