Just a couple of office information/update type things today!

Open House – Wednesday, January 20 from 6:30-8pm. Stop by anytime this Wednesday evening, where we will be collecting new baby items for Haven. To entice you further, there will be some food prepared by Chef Kelly, free chair massages by our new massage therapist, Jennifer, and giveaways for some great prizes. Please RSVP to Ericca at ClawsonBodyWorks@gmail.com by Monday so we can get an accurate food count.

We have about 7.5 weeks until Baby Q arrives, so if you need an appointment, please schedule sooner rather than later.

BodyWorks2! We are now offering massage therapy at a second location in Troy with Jennifer Brzozowski, CMT. Feel free to call the office to schedule appointments or hop on over to her website to book right online and schedule a massage. BodyWorks2 is located on Rochester Road, just north of 17 Mile.

This is the only way to sleep…with your face buried in fur!

Health Tip! Winter is upon us and so is more stress to our immune system! There are a couple healthy and easy things to do to help prevent those pesky colds and flus associated with winter. First – treat food like fuel. We’d never put crude oil in our cars because it would gunk up the engine, so why would we put junk food in our body? Junk food gunks up our entire system. Eat fresh seasonal produce and keep the sugars at a minimum. Second – exercise! Exercising in moderation has been shown to boost immunity. Not exercising at all and heavy intense exercising (6 days/week, high intensity, basically overtraining) can actually impair the immune system, so try to stay balanced and consistent with exercise. Third – get sleep! Sleep is where we rest/repair our bodies and brain, keeping us stronger, healthier, and more able to fight off infection.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

– Dr. Ayesha Q