I have used chiropractors my entire adult life.  It was kind of hit and miss over the years, as I moved to new places and found new chiropractors.  Some were better than others and it made me feel better, but I never recommended one.  That changed in 2013 when I visited Dr. Q for the first time.  I went in for some aches and pains and to get in a routine with a chiropractor again.  I loved it from the get go.  First, no x-rays unless you actually need them, which is a cost savings and no unnecessary radiation.  Even better than that was the skill of Dr. Q – I immediately started feeling better from her expertise and the combination of traditional chiropractic treatment and ART.  I found over time that this combination along with the homework Dr. Q assigned meant I felt better longer and didn’t need a chiropractor as often as before.  I also started recommending my chiropractor to anyone in need.  Many of my co-workers at that time became patients here.

I have continued to see Dr. Q on a regular maintenance basis this whole time.  There were times over the course of the last 7 years when I had acute pain or injury that I saw her more often.  In 2014, I was braiding my daughter’s hair and felt like I was being stabbed in the back.  Yes, my injuries are always during risky activities like this.  Anyway, I called Dr. Q as soon as she opened and she was able to squeeze me in that day.  She was able to relieve the pain so I could easily take a deep breath and not feel that stabbing sensation.

I find that all my experiences have been like this during acute pain.  My pain may not disappear that first visit, but it feels better than when I walked in.  And after a few more visits, I am back to my normal self.  Not only does Dr. Q have crazy skills, but she truly cares about every one she treats.  I have seen this from her personally and as I spent more time in the office, first teaching yoga and then working the front desk, seen it for others.  You are not just a patient, a number – but as a human being.  This is one of the best things about being a patient and working here.

Dr. Eli was a great addition to the family here at BodyWorks.  I have had Dr. Eli work on me as well when Dr. Q was booked.  I had an especially tricky shoulder problem and had both Dr. Eli and Dr. Q work on it.  I would alternate, as each has their own style and each worked on a different area of the shoulder.  I was impressed with the time Dr. Eli took to diagnose the problem and then the treatment given.  I highly recommend him.  If I wasn’t so thoroughly happy with my current chiropractor – I would definitely switch.