Exercise is one of those things that isn’t just about maintaining a nice waistline or seeing that ‘perfect’ number on a scale. Exercise is really about maintaining health through movement. Without movement, we become unhealthy. So, to an extent, if all you can do is get out and go for a couple 10 minute walks a day, you will be vastly healthier than someone who doesn’t move at all.

We’ve had quite a few people sick lately with upper respiratory infections, so it’s essential to maintain good movement habits and nutrition through this time. Light to moderate exercise is best for maintaining health, especially through the winter. Over-training (heavy intense exercise with not enough rest) will hamper that immune system as well, so try to find a good balance. When I say ‘light to moderate exercise,’ what does that mean? Well, this will vary from person to person and what individual abilities are, but as a baseline…light exercise will get your heart rate up slightly and it’s something you can easily maintain for 15-20 minutes and stick with 3-4 times a week.

And…in an effort to help you feel good this week, we are doing some FREE Chair Massages at the office with our newest massage therapist, Leta! She will be available Wednesday, February 17 from 4-6pm and again on Friday, February 19 from 3-5pm. Please email or call to get your spot reserved!

As far as Baby Q, the due date is getting closer! We are about 3 weeks out! We will likely have a couple docs available for a couple weeks on Mondays (all day) and Friday afternoons while I am gone. Dr. Erik Baraszu, DC and Dr. Karen Slota, DC are the ‘backup’ docs and will be at the office. They are both ART certified chiropractors as well. Once Baby Q arrives, we will have better information on dates available to schedule with them if needed.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

– Dr Ayesha Q