Happy New Year!! We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season!

The start of a new year is that typical time of the year where we try to implement some positive lifestyle changes, whether it is to exercise more, eat more veggies, walk the dog every day, or eat fewer donuts. Whatever your resolution or goal, it is always important that it is feasible and manageable. Small baby steps and developing routines and habits are the best way to see goals to a satisfying conclusion (assuming they are, as mentioned above, feasible).

To start exercising, for example, it isn’t necessary that we go from zero days a week to five days a week of heavy, intense exercise that lasts 60 to 90 minutes. In fact, doing something like that has pretty high rates of burnout, fatigue, and injury. If I am starting out at zero minutes of exercise, it might be best that I plot out just 10 minutes of my day to move – whether I am doing yoga, foam rolling, some light bodyweight exercises (situps, pushups, squats, etc), or Original Strength movements…look at what I accomplished at the end of the week. I went from zero time spent exercising to 50-70 minutes over the course of the week. Then when I feel ready, I can bump that up to 15 minutes a day. Those small things add up very quickly to some big gains.

If one of your goals is to start moving or exercising, I recommend using Original Strength as a starting place. You need no equipment to get started, just some space to crawl, roll, or rock. For more ideas, you can always reach out to me directly or visit their YouTube Channel.

Now, time for some annual BodyWorks housekeeping! Keep reading, it’s definitely more fun than cleaning your closets!

If you have not yet met Jonathan, our new LMT, please say hi! He started with us in December and he is awesome! In addition to being an awesome massage therapist, Jonathan will also be helping us out in an assistant position – depending on scheduling and clinical necessity, Dr. Eli and myself may recommend some extra time with Jonathan, where he can spend time stretching, cupping, and doing other modalities to help you feel and move better! If you would like to read more about Jonathan, you can hop on over to our services page
It is the start of the new year and we are asking everyone to fill out updated address and insurance forms. If you have had any changes to your mailing address, contact information, or insurance (at any point in the year) please make sure to inform us as soon as possible.
As a reminder, because of the wide variety of insurance plans, it is impossible to keep up with ever changing deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and visit limits. We do our best to help our patients understand their benefits, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to know your benefits. Customer service numbers and websites are listed on the back of most insurance cards – please use those as an additional resource.
Finally, BodyWorks thrives on reviews. If you have a moment, please leave a review on Google Maps or Facebook. Our patients find us in a variety of ways – through referrals (the best kind of advertisement!), the Active Release website, through their insurance, and through social media. Reviews are an important way for new patients to find us and decide if we can help them or not, so the couple minutes you spend leaving us a review can really provide some valuable information for new patients. And if you’d like to leave a testimonial on our website, please drop us an email!

As always, thank you for your support! We look forward to an amazing 2020!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!
Dr. Q and Team BodyWorks